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Top 1 Network is a international business referral network for givers. The main focus for everyone attending is how WE can help YOU to succeed, as everyone here lives with a "Value First" mindset.
When you regularly meet a person trust is built, when a person trust you and your intentions he/she are more willing to share his/hers contacts with you, knowing that you are a trustworthy and professional person.
In our weekly meetings a closer relationship of trust can be built for future business and for sharing contacts.

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Top 1 Network Explained

The main purpose for Top 1 Network is to promote each other with contacts and referrals to people in our own personal as well as professional networks, doing like this makes us a referral business network that differentiate Top 1 Network from most other so called business networks.
For us it is just a bonus that we can do business with each other (but not the main purpose). As we do this on a global level, every meeting gives a wide limitlessreach for creating business opportunities worldwide.


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It only takes One person, One opportunity and One deal to Change Your World!

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